I’m a designer creating concepts, prototypes, and full experiences.

I’m a researcher, whether that means diving into data, observing what people do and asking them about their needs, or digging through articles and academic research to figure out how something works.

Honestly, I just like making things. That includes videos, animations, music, and writing.

A few recent projects I’m proud of

Examining the blurring line between creative and commercial content

On social media, it can be tough to tell what is content from friends, and what comes from advertisers. Read more >

How does the weather impact my walking distance?

Comparing my steps to the temperature outside – plus a few more interesting dimensions. Read more >

Using typography to illustrate a word’s meaning

Sometimes, challenges with narrow bounds are the most interesting – this was a fun one. Read more >

A two sided marketplace for splitting skilled positions – Uber, but for a temp agency.

A concept created to explore the idea of a marketplace for skilled, more long term positions. Read more >

Check out more projects I’ve worked on >