I’m a UX and product designer, with a deep interest in digital media and culture.

My work approach involves:
- Divergent, imaginative thinking grounded in logical, research-driven insights.
- Testing, refining, and validating the solutions that I arrive at.
- Keeping quality high, and stress levels low – for myself, and those I work with.

UX/product design leadership


A SaaS tool for managing staff, spaces, and expenses*

Leading product design work for Bowlero, the largest bowling center operator in the world. Prototyping, testing, and implementing a SaaS product to consistently manage revenue, cash flow, and labor across 300+ nationwide locations – with a goal of scaling and selling the tool to similar businesses.

✅  Customer research, concept testing, prototyping, and implementation of designs
✅  Extensive data visualization, simplifying terabytes of data into a cohesive set of screens
✅  Product discovery and roadmapping that directly led to scope of work/contract expansions
* Case study available upon request


Conducting research and presenting strategies to improve a job candidate's experience from application to first 90 days on the job.

✅  Concept testing and survey-based research
✅  Product roadmap creation
✅  Low-cost participant recruitment


Helping design a scalable, always-on dashboard for marketing managers to quickly assess and compare national campaigns.

✅  Complex data visualization
✅  Visual design within BI tools
✅  Data science collaboration

Projects I worked on within a team


Principal's homepage is where millions of visitor's experiences start – so we've put some effort into making it as effective as possible.

✅   Animation design + implementation
✅   Combining user research modalities
✅   Refining brand visual styles


Prototyping and testing a digital, direct to consumer storefront featuring insurance, investment, and retirement products.

✅   End-to-end journey creation + design
✅   Rapid design sprints + user testing
✅   Product benefit + risk visualization

Personal & academic projects


Taking what’s best about card games, and adding a digital layer of flexibility.

✅   Augmented Reality (AR) research + design
✅   Light coding and scripting within C# and Unity3D
✅   Deploying an app to iOS


Social media stories “create identities for their tellers and audiences”. 

✅  Media studies research
✅  Academic literature review
✅  UI/UX breakdown + analysis

All projects: