Fact Check Frog™

What is Fact Check Frog™?

Spot someone saying something inaccurate? Give them a friendly nudge in the right direction with Fact Check Frog™. Factually speaking, fact check frog is a copy and pasteable unicode amalgamate-emoji character. 


Copy / paste Fact Check Frog™


? before you start fact checking, please read the guidelines ?

Why? Why did you create Fact Check Frog™?

Why not Fact Check Frog™? Really, though, it’s just a way to correct incorrect things without it being too personal. Yeah, a real person posted the fact check frog. But they’re not the one correcting you - it’s that little frog with a necktie. Direct any negative feelings towards the set of emojis, not the person. 

How do I use Fact Check Frog™?

Truly, the power is in your hands. But, here are a few examples of the encouraged usage.

Rule #1: Help, don't harass.

✅ do this:


? not this!


Rule 2: Keep it interesting and informative

✅ do this:


? not this!


Rule 3: It’s for facts, not opinions

✅ do this:


? not this!


How do I create Fact Check Frog™?

1 x “frog”  ?

1 x “index pointing up” ☝️

1 x “selfie” ?

1 x “necktie” ?

2 x “leg” ?

It's that simple!



Where did Fact Check Frog™ come from?

Chatting with my friend Alyssa about the Instagram account frog.fellas, I used the “index pointing up” emoji to the left of the “frog” emoji. The combination seemed so perfect that I couldn’t resist creating a character. Alyssa deemed it “fact check frog”, and the rest is history.