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cARds – An augmented reality card game

How could one take what’s best about “analog” card games, and add a digital layer of flexibility?

What makes social media stories special?

Within the context of social media, the word “story” has come to refer to a very specific form of content. Stories combine a few distinct characteristics, creating a compelling formula.

Fact check frog: A new amalgamate emoji

Spot someone saying something inaccurate? Give them a friendly nudge in the right direction with fact check frog.

New music – an EP called “New Tracks!”

Click through to find streaming links and a breakdown of samples used.

Examining the blurring line between creative and commercial content

On social media, it can be tough to tell what is content from friends, and what comes from advertisers.

[Blog] Turn off your read receipts

Picking apart the user experience of read receipts, in a fairly opinionated way. By that, I mean it’s opinionated, but my opinions are fair.

How does the weather impact my walking distance?

I analyzed my phone’s health data, combined it with some weather statistics, and found there is a pretty strong relationship between temperature and how far I walked.

Expressive typography

Using typography to visually represent a word’s meaning.

Creating an icon using mind mapping

A quick iconography project that involved some mind mapping, sketching, and icon creation.

Are gamers better at texting and driving?

Poster board completed for “Foundations of Game Based Learning”, a graduate course examining gaming from a Human Computer Interaction perspective.

SavvyDivvy: A concept for hiring temporary, highly skilled employees

A concept of two sided job marketplace targeted at those in search of part time employment.

In Vehicle Infotainment Systems (IVIS) research

Academic research around the question “How might designers better account for attentional capabilities and driver behavior tendencies in creating IVIS?”

Online subcultures and content creation

Research conducted as part of an undergraduate thesis. The project focused on creating audio and video content targeted at fairly niche internet subcultures.

The first beats I made

These are exactly what the title implies – the first beats that felt somewhat finished to me. There are 19, of pretty varying and eclectic styles.